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This Defendant Should Walk Free After Shooting His Shot With The Judge During His Bond Hearing

Shoutout Demetrius Lewis. This is Mamba Mentality on full display. You see a very serious court room setting where your freedom potentially hangs in the balance. Demetrius sees a wide open shot. Also, according to the longer video, he's in there (allegedly) for possession of MDMA while attempting a breaking and entering - which feels like extremely pertinent information here. I didn't know they changed the laws that allow you to keep your MDMA after you've been detained, which has to be the case because this man was SOARING. He saw that judge and his eyes jolted from his skull like a horny cartoon wolf in an oversized suit. He took a brick out of the bowl of oatmeal guy's foundation and built a goddamn mansion.

"But Coley. Your title says he should be freed? Released and all of his charges dropped?" That's right, I did. Because as a lawyer, my first argument here is that a judge's role is to uphold the integrity of the court. No judge is above the law, and lying in a court of law is about as bad as it gets. She said his flattery would not work all while giggling like a tickled baby. She was smitten by Professor Smooth Demetrius Lewis and lied right to his virtual face about it. How is he set to receive a fair and honest ruling in this kangaroo court? He can't. And I wont idly sit by and allow this grave injustice to be carried out any further.