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UNREAL Footage Of A Cop Diving Under A Guy Trying To Commit Suicide And Saving His Life




Well that’s his good deed for the day and for his lifetime.  That cop never has to lift a finger again in the service of someone else.  He should be able to retire right now will a full pension.  He never has to give to a beggar on the street or help an old lady who gets her purse snatched.  Isn’t there some saying like, “How you behave in this life will determine how you’re rewarded in the after life?” Kinda feels like I made that up but if it’s true and if there’s an after life (there isn’t) then this guy is set.  He’s gonna get up there and have the ultimate after-death package waiting for him.  Forget 72 virigins.  He’s gonna have 720 Jayden James’ waiting for him, ready and willing.  He deserves all 1,440 boobs too.  Incredible selflessness.


Seriously though, could you ever see yourself doing something like that?  No way, right?  At least that’s how I feel.  For two reasons.  One, if the guys wants to die, let him die.  Sure the cop saved him today but once that guy is out of the hospital he’s probably gonna try again and succeed.  All the effort for nothing.  Second, I literally wouldn’t be able to do it.  I’d see the guy start falling, freeze up and he’d hit the ground before I was able to react.  Dead.  That’s not a situation you want me in if the guy is looking to be saved.  Dead 10 outta 10 times with me sanding near by picking my nose.