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Bruce Arians Is Here To Answer Super Bowl Questions And Maybe Throw Back A Couple Of Daiquiris

God dammit Bruce Arians is so cool. This may come off as a hot take because I've had roughly three seconds to think about it, but this has to be the coolest matchup of head coaches in a Super Bowl ever, right? I can see bumping into both of these leaders of men at a Caribbean resort and having an absolute blast in very different ways. 

Bruce is the guy you saddle up next to at the bar, throw a few back, and regret it the entire next day. You say you aren't going to go back, but once last call comes, you realize you are sitting next to him again and will end up swearing off a type of liquor for the rest of your life after the week is all done. Oddly enough, I feel like more often than not these guys are named Bruce. 

Meanwhile Andy Reid is the guy that you see at dinner every single night with a different Hawaiian shirt as well as a joke that borders between PG-13 and R. Nothing too obscene that you wouldn't want the wives to hear but something that causes you to look around to see if anyone else heard it. If you're at the bar with him, you don't have to worry about an empty glass or plate because he always makes sure there are fresh pitchers and apps for the table. Not only that, but Andy also grabs you and the misses a couple of chairs by the pool once he gets to know you. Guys named Andrew or Drew may leave you on your own island. But Andys are just built different.

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