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QB Guru Tom House On Possible Andrew Luck Return: "Never Say Never"

We had a loaded Super Bowl preview show on Going Deep this week. 

Hall of Fame hopeful Tom Flores from the Raiders, Bucs DT Steve McClendon updated us on how Tampa is feeling heading into Sunday, and we talked with the QB Guru Dr. Tom House about his training methods with some of the greats like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and...Andrew Luck. 

Yes, the rumors have swirled around the internet this week about Andrew Luck possibly having a meeting with "Jimmy" Jim Irsay about having the "itch" to come back to play football. Now, to be clear, I asked Tom House this question before those rumors came to fruition because having worked with Andrew Luck for a couple years even during his year off in 2017, I knew he more than almost anyone would have some insight into the peculiar mind of Luck. 

So, I asked Dr. Tom House, "when was the last time you talked to Andrew, and is there any chance he makes a comeback to the NFL?"

"I talked to him (Luck) last week. I never say never. But I think he is very comfortable with his decision to walk from football, and I'll tell you this, Andrew is the smartest human - not the smartest athlete - the smartest human I've ever come across."

He walked the line. Fair. But I did find it interesting that he talked to him last week. It's reaching for straws at this point. I get it. But pairing the fact that he talked to him last week and "never say never" when he could have flat out said "nope. He's done. He won't ever play football again" makes me think 'hey, ya just never know with a guy like Luck.'

At the end of the day, though, the reality is probably this: