A Couple Of Reckless Lawmakers Are Trying To Make Pizza The Official State Food Of Connecticut

NBC Connecticut- If you are a Connecticut native or have lived in the state for a while, then the idea of New Haven-style pizza probably makes your mouth water. And you probably have a go-to pizza place. State Rep. Patricia Dillon, who represents New Haven, and State Senator Gary Winfield, who represents New Haven and West Haven, have proposed adding pizza as the state food to chapter 33 of the general statutes, “(t)o recognize the contribution of pizza to the state's cuisine and economy.”

What the fuck is this, Connecticut? Look, I'm not gonna be some blockhead gabagool New Yorker and slander Connecticut pizza because I know they can throw together a decent pie up there, with Frank Pepe being an elite pizza joint. Not good or great. ELITE. 

But come on, you can't make a food that your neighbors are known for as the state food. That has to be the violation of some peace accords between the states when they became united after winning a revolution back in 1776. New York has become known as the state for bagels, pizza, and assorted bread based foods, Jersey is the Taylor ham and pork roll capital of the union (even though they are apparently the same fucking thing), which leaves Connecticut with a pick of pretty much any other food they want when it comes to the Tri-State Area. Oysters? Filet mignon? Chicken cordon bleu? All of them scream blue blood Connecticut more than pizza. 

You don't see New Hampshire trying to pawn itself off as The Lobster State, The Maple Syrup State, or The Chowder State. You know why? Because a bunch of angry New Englanders would stomp them out CT style.

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Why can't Connecticut just stay in their lane on I-95? They are the Nutmeg State and plenty of foods have nutmeg in them. I don't know of any off the top of my head because I am a Poor that doesn't have nutmeg money in my budget. But leave the pizza to either New York, or to be honest the rest of the country if not the entire world since there is a real case that pizza should be the food of the Earth.