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Is Carson Wentz Currently A Coward?

That's the big topic Rone and I talk about this week on First Time, Long Time (a non-sanctioned/unapproved Philly Sports podcast and we're just saying "Fuck it, Jobu, we'll do it ourselves" - you can listen to it above). 

Listen, on the field, Wentz is tough as nails. The dude has taken every hit - 99% of the time when he for some reason put himself in the unnecessary position to take - and has bounced right back up (unless assault was was committed by Clowney). Off the field? Carson's got some growing up to do. Look, he has the right to remain silent all off season on social media and beyond. If this is some sort of "Don't talk about it, be about it" move by Wentz, OK. You just gotta BE about it when the time comes. But until if/when that happens, everyone has the right to assume Carson is a cranky baby who is upset his coddle time may be over and wants to be traded. I'm not saying that's the case, but until he comes out and says something - ANYTHING - people are going to assume the worst out of him. Who the hell is in charge of this Ginger's PR? I mean, Wentz doesn't even have to freaking mean it. Just put a text screenshot on IG out there saying: 

"I'm here to play for the Philadelphia Eagles and will do whatever it takes to win."

And BAM! The Ginger is back at least getting the benefit of the doubt from the mob. And he has to do something cause Jalen Hurts is out there saying and making all the right moves:

Whether it's true or not, Jalen Hurts is acting like a damn QB1.

PS - 3 years ago today. What a time to be alive.