We Had Our First True Crazy Night In College Hoops: Two Top-5 Teams Getting Their Ass Kicked, 5 Top-25 Teams Losing To Unranked Teams

Well that didn't take long and honestly couldn't have happened at a better time. There are a few truly important times for college basketball to steal some headlines. The start of the season, the two weeks before the Super Bowl and then after the Super Bowl. Each time more and more eyes come on the sport. And last night we truly for the first time had fucking carnage. 

First, we had No. 5 Houston losing to East Carolina. 

There's not even something specific you can point at here. ECU just beat Houston. It makes no sense. Houston is a damn good team with a potential All-American in Quinten Grimes. Really this is just going to potentially cost Houston a spot at a No. 1 seed. That's the fascinating thing to me right now. We know Baylor and Gonzaga are 2 of the No. 1 seeds. But who the fuck do you put after that? Michigan is currently on pause, so they are an unknown even if they'd be a likely pick. Can Illinois get there? What about Texas? Houston needs a couple more losses, like this one: 

Nova, another team for a potential 1 seed out here losing to St. John's. Again, it was an ass kicking. St. John's defended their ass off and had guys like Posh Alexander and Julian Champagnie show up. And now somehow St. John's is sitting on the bubble. They really only have one bad loss - Georgetown and now have wins over Nova and UConn. But it didn't stop there. We had mayhem all over the damn place: 

Virginia Tech and Florida both losing games after pulling off a big time win over the weekend. That's college basketball, Suzyn. It's why this year's Tournament is going to be mayhem. It's WIDE open after the Gonzaga/Baylor. It wasn't even just ranked teams though. Cade Cunningham, the best player in the country, made one of the weirdest plays late in the game. Tie game, Cade acted like Oklahoma State was down 1. He rushed a shot with 9 seconds left and then started to defend 90 feet away giving up this instead: 

Throw in St. Louis losing to La Salle and we had carnage everywhere in the country. I'll be honest this is one of the nights I really missed having fans. Imagine some of the sights we would have had with these upsets. Imagine the parties and the craziness. I'm ready for that to come back. 

March Madness is going to be fucking wild.