So What Did I Miss?



So I’ve been gone for all of July.   I basically unplugged for the entire month.  Just got the most savage tan in the history of tans and beat people’s brains inside out in Spikeball.  Now it’s back to the grind.  Back to blog life.   But before I get into the swing of things I got to figure out what I missed.   In no particular order here are the rumors that were swirling on island.


The Squirrel is Back in the Office

Trent played in an LPGA Tournament

KFC Knocked Up His Wife

Feitleberg got us sued by Billy Costa

Roger Goodell is still sitting on his ass with Deflategate and should be executed

Intern Dana played Bubble Soccer

Marbles Got A Wax Statue

Gawker fell apart

The Hulkster is a racist


Did I miss anything else?  See that’s the hard part about extended vacations.   It’s almost impossible to get your timing back.   I don’t expect people to feel bad for me, but bear with me these next couple days while I get back into the swing of things.  Don’t expect me to go 5-5 with 3 HR’s today.   I’m human.  I need to get some reps in and then I’ll be fine.   #PrayforPres