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The Barstool Fund - Underground Salon

Up next: Underground Salon (Long Beach, CA)

Established in 1997, Underground Salon always keeps its core values — to design and personalize hairstyles for each individual. The local favorite also specializes in skin care and facials too.



Reader Email

My Sister and I have owned our Hair Salon for 23 years. In that 23 years we have been very active in our community (Long Beach) we have done cut-a-thons, we have done work at the VA hospital for the vets cutting their hair and giving hair products, every year we get donations for our local Long Beach Animal Shelter. We used to collect items to put kits together for skid row (but the last 2 times we went they got angry and it got scary). We love what we do. My Sister and I are twins, I (Thomas do hair and my sister Theresa runs the business). We have been under so much stress and anxiety as we have lost over half of our staff. The suites have been able to work because they are behind a locked door. When we have been closed we did not ask for the stylists to pay their rent. (some are single Moms) but we have had to pay our rent and bills. It was a fight in the beginning our Land Lord was still trying to charge us late fee's. We have gotten no support from our Land Lord. We have borrowed from our Mom and my Sister's father n Law. It is heart breaking knowing our business of 23 years could possibly close.