Nick Saban Has Officially Locked In The Greatest Recruiting Class Of All Time

For the 9th time in 11 years, Alabama has signed the highest rated recruiting class in the nation. Ho-hum. This wouldn't even be blog worthy on a normal year. This would be like blogging every time the sun came up in the morning. Too common to care. But today, today is interested because of all of Nick Saban's top ranked classes, this one is his TOP ranked class. This one just moved Urban Meyer's 2010 Florida class aside as the greatest ever.

That Florida class had five 5-Star recruits. This Alabama one has seven. I mean, this Alabama class has 13 of the top 90 players in the country. Of all of the 5 Star recruits in the nation, over 20% of them committed to Alabama. According to 247 Sports, their AVERAGE player is rated a .949.

To put that into perspective, Tennessee's BEST recruit is a .939. And the Volunteers have the 13th overall class. Chip Kelly's UCLA team's BEST recruit is a .914. Michigan State's best recruit is ranked worse than Alabama's absolute worst recruit. I mean, how is this fair?

I know the running joke is that Nick Saban should have to relocate to a program like Wyoming and restart like you would in the NCAA video game, but at what point are we going to start regulating this? Alabama is like Jeff Bezos making $90 billion during the pandemic. The rich are only getting richer. And he simply cannot be beaten. I will admit that up until this year, I thought he had a couple near equals in the profession. But that's just not true. Not on the field. Not running a program. Not hiring assistants. And definitely not in recruiting. I mean, how can you top this?

I don't see how this dynasty will end other than with the death of Nick Saban. But again, are we sure that's going to happen?  The most deathly contagious disease this world has seen in a century couldn't even touch him, as he reportedly beat it.....twice.

It's an absolute no brainer that he should be on the cover of the NCAA game, whenever that comes out. The only question is, will you be able to offer $100K to the 5 Star recruits in the game, or is it going to be unrealistic?