The Orioles Just Signed This Minor League Pitcher Who Does The World's Most Perfect Backflip When He Gets A Save

Forget Fernando Rodney, we have a new king of the save celebration, and his name is Dusten Knight. The Birds just signed him to a minor league deal, and maybe it was because he is a veteran MILB arm who has some decent K numbers and may be able to provide depth in the bullpen. Or maybe it’s because he’s a total badass who does backflips when he notches a save or finishes a game. Absolutely ELECTRIC celebration by Knight to toss the glove and hat aside and pull a backflip out of his pocket like this. I’m not athletic at all, but I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many guys who can just whip this out standing on a mound. I need him to make the major league ballclub so I can see this in Camden, hell I need more of this in baseball in general. Give me the cartwheels and backflips. Plus you want a guy to celebrate in a COVID world, no better way than to do it than this way.

Love this guy.