Cale Makar Broke A Dude's Ankles And1 Mixtape Style On The Ice Last Night

Andy Devlin. Getty Images.


I cannot remember if I've ever outwardly blogged it or have only tweeted about it, but if you take the Washington Capitals out of the equation, the Avalanche is my favorite team in the NHL right now. I lose more sleep because I'm up at night watching the Colorado Avalanche than any other reason. Between Nathan MacKinnon (get better soon!), Landeskog, and Cale Makar, something ridiculous happens on a nightly basis with them. But nothing impresses me more than watching Cale Makar (SHOUT OUT ZOOMASS!!!!). He does things I've never seen a defenseman do besides in clips of Bobby Orr. Makar's skating ability floors me. Like, no human should be able to skate that fluidly with such ease. The way he handles the puck, his ice vision, all of it, he completely changes the way you watch and appreciate hockey. And last night…well last night he brought the And-1 Mix Tape Tour to the ice.




Every time he is on the ice all eyes should be on Makar at all times. Between him and Connor McDavid the NHL is in really good hands for the next 10-15 years. Speaking of, McDavid is just a lunatic. That goal from the other night floored me. I watched it 150 times.



These guys, man. And stop it. I know you're thinking "these guys are just the Barstool Nate of hockey". Too kind, really. You don't have to say that. But thank you, I hear that a lot.