This British Broadcaster Promised To Record A Podcast Naked .... Until Arsenal Scored An Absurd Goal

What the hell is it with people promising to get naked based on European soccer matches? I love it. We need to bring that here to America. I'll tell you what. If Kentucky makes the NCAA Tournament, I promise to do a podcast naked as well. Thank you for the thousands of likes on Twitter now for my boldness. These promises all started years ago with a 16-hour sex marathon: 

Let's be honest here, that's not a reward. 16 hours of sex sounds awful. It's just too much sex and yes there's such a thing. 16 minutes? Sure, promise me that if I score more goals. Get to have sex 16 times over the course of a period of time? Perhaps that's better. But 16 hour sex marathon? That's pain and suffering. I don't care how hot you are, that's just too much. 

We moved on from there to Miss Bum Bum and a Chelsea promise: 

And most recently we had this actress promise to strip naked if Lazio beat Roma down in Italy: 

Well, let me introduce you to Jacqui Oatley, a 46-year old broadcaster. She's a diehard Wolves fan who decided to make a demand. Get a clean sheet against Arsenal and she'll do a podcast naked. Not sure if there's video form or what, but I can't stop laughing at the process of getting naked for a podcast. Anywho, we have a couple guys here Troopz and Zah that are diehard Arsenal fans, therefore I blame them. Seriously, they are electric and I'm convinced they determine what happens during Arsenal games. Look at this reaction when Arsenal took a 1-0 lead in the 32nd minute

The worst (well best part because fuck Arsenal. COYS.) part is Arsenal lost 2-1. That was their only goal. We were so close to naked podcasting! Shout out Jacqui though.