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An Indiana High School Hoops Coach Got Fired For Going Full Bobby Knight And Hurling A Chair Onto The Court

[TMZ] - The wannabe Bobby Knight is Gary Lighthouse College Prep Academy coach Nick Moore -- who lost his mind Friday during a game against Bowman Academy in Gary Indiana.

"I have been relieved of my duties by LCPA as boys coach," Moore said on Facebook ... "I would also like to thank the parents and players for letting me lead them day in and out it was a pleasure and great ride."

I'm sorry, but fired, in Indiana? I assumed this was just the norm out there in the Hoosier State. You know the state where they say 'in 49 states it's just basketball, but this is Indiana.' There's zero and I mean ZERO chance this was the first time a high school basketball coach in Indiana threw a couple chairs on the court like Bobby. 

Suspend him? Sure. Fine him? Absolutely understand that. But firing for caring about winning? Not in my Indiana high school basketball. Plus look how calm that first throw was. Honestly it's an A+ pump fake by the coach to get away from his assistant here. Pick up the first chair, assistant puts it down. Okay, I'm cool, I'm cool. Slowly start walking down to where the ball is and then the half sprint to the last chair. Vet chair throwing move. Vet move when you're determined to get a technical, granted the chair throwing MIGHT be a little dramatic here. You gotta battle for your team when you're down 8 and ref missed at least 2 fouls. Honestly the move by the assistant to pull down the second chair at first is strong. Those are some quick reflexes. 

Gotta admit this quote is a 10 outta 10: 

Over the weekend, Moore told the NWI Times he "had a chance to reflect" on the incident and admits he could have handled the situation better.

Bold for him to admit he could have handled it better. Maybe not throw a chair, just settle on tossing the ball or getting a technical. But it's Indiana High School basketball! You have to make a statement when you're pissed off at a ref.