Making A Pass Off Your Damn Head Is The Cockiest Move I've Ever Seen On A Basketball Court

I can't stop watching this because it's so outrageous and exactly why I love Milos Teodosic. I can say with 100% honesty I've never seen someone intentionally use their own dome to make a pass. That's Milos though. I wish he was still in the NBA because he can do shit like this and it was awesome to watch: 

He's a fucking wizard with the ball. I just can't stop laughing at the head pass though. It was so unnecessary but so awesome. That's why it's the cockiest move I've ever seen. He just keeps moving along like it was a boring ass bounce pass. I need to know what was said between him and the defender after this. No doubt it my mind it took at least a solid second or two to realize what the hell just happened. Of course Milos hit a midrange jumper to cap it all off too. Such a ridiculous play. Long live Milos man, what a perfect name for a crafty point guard.