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Nolan Arenado Hitting A Walk-Off Homer To Complete The Cycle Should Make Cardinals Fans SO Excited

Is there anything cooler in baseball than hitting a walk-off home run to complete the cycle? I really don't think there is. That's exactly what new Cardinal, Nolan Arenado did on Fathers Day back in 2017. This game was fucking AWESOME. Just watching Nolan alone was worth the price of admission. He did the cycle the easy way too, got the hardest one out of the way first with the triple, then the single, snagged the double next in the 6th and then left the best for last in the bottom of the 9th. First pitch he sees he sends it flying. Ballgame. An unreal game from by far the best third baseman, and maybe most underrated player in baseball.

 He somehow cut himself in the celebration and we got such a cool celebration picture of Arenado screaming to the crowd with blood dripping down his face. So damn badass. St. Louis needs to thank god everyday Colorado actually agreed to trade him to their team, because they just got a future Hall Of Famer. Stud. 

Matthew Stockman. Getty Images.

If I'm Nolan Arenado I have this picture blown up and framed all over my house.