Greg Brown Got Called For The Worst Technical After Throwing Down A FILTHY Dunk And I'm Furious About It

Let me set the scene here real quick. Texas and Baylor, two top-6 teams in the country are currently playing a hell of a game. Baylor going up in the first half, Texas fighting back and even taking the lead here in the second half. Then this play happened. Actually, real quick, right before this Greg Brown just got his second assist of the season. It's my favorite little story within college hoops. The guy is so good, but he just has 2 assists now. Anywho, back to this. Greg Brown straight up dunked directly on Everyday John (I'm not trying to spell his last name, so we're going with his nickname here). Perhaps that ref assumed Greg Brown actually murdered John with the dunk. That's the only possible reason to call a goddamn TECHNICAL foul in this moment. What are we doing here? This is why I have such a problem with refs. You're ruining the entire fucking sport. Instead of a 4 point play with all the momentum after a play like that, Baylor went up 8. Will the call change the entire game? Who knows. But it drastically changed the game in the moment. 

The point is that shit like this drives me NUTS. This ref should be fired, never allowed to ref another game. Why? Because he clearly cares more about himself than the game. He wants people to know he’s in charge, that he’s the big swinging dick. There's no reason to call this. Brown wasn't talking, he was staring him down as he moved away from him. It's not like a fight was starting. This goes for the entire season too. The officiating has been bad throughout, no consistency whatsoever. Maybe I’m simplifying but I truly don’t think it’s that hard, a ref should never be the story, stay out of the way, lean towards letting these guys play, and let us forget that you exist.

New rule. If you dunk on someone like this to where Twitter explodes with the reaction, you get 15 seconds to taunt. Fuck outta here with this fake sportsmanship shit. It's sports. People talk shit at all levels of every game, stop pretending like it doesn't happen.