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I'd Do Some Filthy Things To Get One Of MLB's Golden Ticket

How awesome would this be? Imaging having this insanely awesome Golden Ticket from MLB and being able to go to any game during the regular season for you and 1 guest. The fact that its not good for the playoffs is kind of dumb, but that's besides the point. Only a handful of people even have access to getting one of these, and even less people actually have them. Like the video says you get one with your name on it when you play 8 years in the bigs, or if you work 25 years in the front office. Playing 8 seasons in the Majors is no easy task either, you don't just luck into 8 year careers. I do like how MLB rewards guys who can stay in the league that long, but let's also be real. If you're in the league for 8 years while even making the veteran minimum, you're sitting pretty. You don't necessarily need a lifetime pass into any ballpark, but it's a nice gesture. 

Getting into ballparks today isn't too hard either, besides for places like the Bronx, Fenway, or Camden Yards, you can probably walk up to the gate an hour before first pitch and get a ticket for pretty cheap. But that's not the point. The point is having the POWER to be able a former MLB player, walking up to the gate and whipping out this gold pass. Boom, you're in no questions asked. No need to worry about ticket prices, you just go splurge on booze and hotdogs. MLB doesn't just give them to former players too, at one point they gave them out to returning POWs from Vietnam, again, a pretty nice gesture. 

It would be pretty baller to be out to eat, or somewhere on the town and you whip this bad boy out. People would stare, they'd ask questions. They'd know it wasn't a credit card, but what it is? Oh, nothing. Just the most powerful card in Major League Baseball. Not a big deal. Now I'm determined to see one of these cards in real life.