The Barstool Fund - Lee's Specialty (Thanks To Penn National Gaming)

Thanks to Penn National Gaming for their donation to help cover our next business… Lee's Specialty (Bloomfield Hills, MI)

Looking for the best invitations and stationery? For over 40 years, Lee's Specialty has specialized in custom invitations, wedding invitations, stationary and personalized gifts in the Metro Detroit area.



Reader Email

It is definitely a landmark serving over 3 generations. I have clients begging me to stay in business and I desperately want to. I have reached a point of full credit cards and no place to turn for help. My store has always gone over and beyond to help everyone, not particularly standing on principle and doing whatever the customer needs even if it's for free. I am kind and generous to all that come in and have always had a genuine desire to be of help and do good. Please help as the government just doesn't understand the plight of regular people as none of it affects them. What you are doing is genius and I wish I was in a position to help. If I get on my feet again, I will be a contributor as well. Thank you for all you are doing to help the everyday hard working dedicated people in our country.