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No Duh: Kendrick Perkins Says James Harden Sucked In The NBA Finals Against The Heat Because Of The Miami Strip Clubs

Yeah, no kidding Perk. There was zero doubt in my mind that a 22/23 year old James Harden enjoyed himself in the Miami strip clubs. There's zero doubt in my mind that a 31 year old James Harden enjoys himself in the Miami strip clubs. The man simply is a strip club guy. He's more than a strip club guy. He lives in strip clubs. You don't get your jersey retired and hung to the rafters in a strip club unless you're more than a regular. You know the regulars at strip clubs. They are the guys often sitting up front, perhaps missing a few teeth, likely wearing a bowling shirt or something of the same. They are 100% wearing sweatpants. 

How can we be shocked by this? Someone broke down how Harden plays in cities relative to strip clubs. 

Guess where his worst performances come in? Yep, you got it! Miami! That's before you throw in that Heat team with LeBron, Wade and Bosh. You combine those two things and that's how James Harden put up 12 points per game in the 3 road games. That's why he shot 28.5% in those three games. 28.5% from the field! That's nearly impossible to do, even for a 22 year old Harden. 

Unreal shot at San Antonio though. That's typically reserved for Charles Barkley 

I actually didn't hate San Antonio when I was there. Sure it might have been the Final Four so it's a little different, but the Riverwalk had decent bars. Just feels like a ton of unnecessary shots at San Antonio in the NBA. I just love how Perk makes this statement about Harden sucking in Miami and nobody doubts it. Completely understandable.