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Wandavision Episode 4 Sus Power Rankings

On this week's Wansavision recap of My Mom's Basement, Robbie and I broke down all the happenings, theories, and overall madness from episode 4 of Wandavision along with a hilarious discussion about Twitter would have been like right after Hulk did The Snap Back.

I also introduced my first ever Sus Power Rankings of the season since we truly don't know who can trust and who we can't. Yes I full realize that I am an old person using a term the kids (still?) from a game I definitely don't understand in order to get some clicks. That's just the way the blogging game has always worked around here.

Tier 1: Sus af

1. Agnes

Giphy Images.

After the first three episodes, there was plenty written and discussed about Agnes likely being an evil witch named Agatha Harkness from the comics.

In episode 4, Agnes was the one character that we've met from Wandavision who does not appear with a name on the whiteboard of neighbors, which is extreeeeemely sus.

Plenty of people have suggested that Agnes may be working with a character named Mephisto, who is at best a demon and at worst the devil, that may be her husband Ralph in the show. Regardless of what happens with her potentially being married to the literal devil, there is no denying Agnes is as sus as it gets.

2. Wanda

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Look, we all know is that whatever is going on with Wanda is probably due to the fact that everything she has loved has been killed along with whatever type of bullshit Agnes is pulling. At the same time, she is clearly trying to put on an act for the audience of Wandavision of everything being fine despite her casting a spell over an entire town of innocent people and Weekend At Bernies'ing her dead boy toy. All of that is extremely sus, no matter how little of it is her fault.

OK, I seem to have pissed off the super powerful witch capable of altering reality, so let's keep it moving.

Tier 2: Lowkey Sus

3. Agent Hayward

Did you HEAR how he Hayward said acting director?!? What if this is all a breadcrumb about Hayward's true identity as being a wolf in sheep's clothing? If you are someone in a position of power in a movie or TV show that holds your job over someone potentially more qualified that is a clear hero in the show, you almost definitely end up being a villain in the end.. I'm not saying Agent Hayward is a bad guy. But he's definitely sus, just not as sus as two literal witches. Or he could be completely fine and I'm a fucking lunatic that is reading way too into everything like countless other people on the internet. But I think we are going to get a surprise outside of whatever plays out with Agnes and potentially Mephisto, so my choice is Hayward being a problem.

Tier 3: Sus But Not As Sus As The Other Sus People

4. Herb

Giphy Images.

I have two pretty clear rules in life: 

a. You can trust anybody in life named Herb

b. You cannot trust anybody in life named Herb whose name is actually something else

Unfortunately for the gentleman above, he fits squarely in the B scenario here as we found out in the aforementioned whiteboard. Add in the dead eyes, hedge trimmers through the wall of the heroes' house, and chatting up someone on Tier 1of the Sus Rankings back in episode 3 and you have quote unquote Herb squarely on the Sus rankings. I hope to God I am wrong about Herb because I've always wanted to be friends with a Herb, even if it's a fictional Herb in the MCU. Only time will tell what his sus level is.

5. Vision

JK, Vision is dead as fuck, which makes him 0% sus. I just felt weird only making a list of 4 people and wanted to include that fucked up gif so I can use it for memes in the future when I stop being scared of it, which honestly may be never.

So that's the Sus Rankings for this week. Hopefully we get a few more clues about what the hell is going on along with a few extra mysteries thrown our way because trying to figure out what is going on in this show is so much fun and takes up all that pesky time we have on our hands since we can't really do anything outside of our homes.

Now take us away Jimi!