I Saw Trainwreck Last Night And I Hate That I Didn't Totally Hate Lebron, A Brief Review



Saw Trainwreck last night and thought I’d give a brief review. First a spoiler, guy and girl fall in love, get in huge fight, but end up together. NOOOOOOO, Big Cat, you dick, why’d you spoil that shit!



If you couldn’t tell by the million previews and commercials or the fact that it’s a Judd Apatow movie, it’s a Rom-Com so it has the exact same plot that every Rom-Com has. First 15 minutes “funny stuff”, next 30 minutes “couple falls in love”, 15 minutes of “oh man they’re actually going to make it”, 15 minutes of “oh no they’re not going to make it”, then 15 minutes of “they made it yayyy!” End movie. The perfect date movie as long as you remind your girlfriend/wife a million times after that that is not how real life works. No love filled picnics around Central Park any time soon, because in real life there are ants and bugs and sweating your balls off on a pile of grass while you try to eat a sandwich in the middle of August is the exact opposite of fun.



Anyway, as for the actual movie, it was pretty good. It’s heavy on Amy Schumer’s humor which I enjoy (cue the insecure guys who shout “girls can’t be funny, bro”) and has a rotating cast of SNL and Pro Athlete cameos that make it fun (Marv Albert’s cameo was an F-, you’ll understand when you get there). Now for the part anyone really cares about, Lebron. He wasn’t great, he didn’t blow me away with his acting but he was also not awful and I hate that I have to admit it. He’s actually pretty charismatic and had a couple parts where I smirked (I’ll never let him see me laugh) and overall did a good job. It sucks to say it but I didn’t hate him. Overall I’d give it a solid B, predictable plot, some very funny parts, a few lulls but overall a good movie to go see on a weeknight in the summer when not much is going on. And so concludes Big Cat’s high brow, super intelligent movie review.




Mike Birbiglia is in it with a small role (he plays Amy’s brother in law) and if you don’t know his comedy you should check it out. He’s a little under the radar in that he isn’t in that Louis CK rockstar category but he’s an awesome comedian and great storyteller.