Business Insider Calling Abe & Louie's The Best Steakhouse In Massachusetts Just Means They Only Went To Abe & Louie's




I’m sorry but I had to speak up here. If you thin Abe & Louie’s is the best steakhouse in Boston then you’re a fool. A moron. A person who asked one person “Where should I go for steak?” and that idiot told you “The place on Boylston I guess.” The fact that Abe & Louie’s is looked upon as a premiere steakhouse in Boston is one of the biggest crimes in humanity, it’s a lie that has been perpetuated and passed down for generations and, frankly, I’m sick of it. They have a good location and that’s it. I’ve been three times and got a filet, a porterhouse, and a Pittsburgh style strip. Guess what? All were garbage. If they allowed dogs in the restaurant I probably would’ve knocked it off my plate for them. So where is the best steak in Massachusetts (read: Boston), good question. I can’t say definitively. Del Frisco’s would be an obvious and boring choice. Another obvious would be Capital Grille (I feel like so cliche admitting it but I think gun to my head Capital Grille is the best steak I’ve had in Boston). Pres loves The Butcher Shop, I thought it was pretty good but didn’t knock my tits off unfortunately. However if you want a great steak and to not feel like a loser asshole for saying a chain shop then it’s Grill 23. Final answer.





PS – Get it together, Trent. Jesus Christ.


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