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Rob Gronkowski Found an Incredible Way to Manipulate the Bucs' Virtual Offseason Workout Program

I'm willing to say something controversial right now: I have never been a very big Gronk guy. Sure, it was that he was on the Patriots, but he always just did a little too much for my liking. The Gronk brand of comedy has never quite been my thing.

But all that may have changed with this revelation of what he did this past offseason to trick his team into thinking he was working out every day. Gronk was just going out one or two days a week and going as hard as he could with a couple wardrobe changes inbetween and then kicking it the rest of the week. What a legend.

I know the hardos will say that anybody making the amount of money he is should not be cheating his team or some bullshit like that, but anybody who can put in the effort to pull something like that off deserves to reap the rewards. I imagine the Bucs' coaches would have caught on if it wasn't doing this pretty well, so he obviously was doing something right. And it's not like he wasn't still doing the cumulative amount of running, it was just condensed. Gronk was working twice as hard half as long; I think that is to be commended.

And then there's this guy who thinks Rob Gronkowski has heard of meta data? Pal, I can guarantee you neither Gronk nor anyone in charge of looking at those videos has any idea what meta data even is, let alone how to access it for the purpose of checking offseason workout videos.

I commend the hell out of Gronk for this type of offseason energy. He didn't come out of retirement and go down to Florida to run sprints every day. This man found a loophole in the system and was able to live his best like because of it. Work smarter, not harder.

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