The Electric Unicycle Is A Genius Way To Replace Walking Until It Explodes And Almost Burns Your Legs Off



Damn it.  That’s gonna set us back.  “Us” being the people who are hoping one day walking will be replaced by something that doesn’t involve walking.  The Segway came and went without catching on.  the thing JR Smith was ripping around on is probably only for rich people.  Thought we had something with this electrical unicycle until it almost blew off that guy’s legs when he came ripping around the hallway corner at 150 MPH.  Back to the drawing board.  And are my eyes playing tricks on me or did the guy try to blow out the fire at the 14 second mark?  Not gonna work bud.  A small bomb just went off between your feet and set the wall on fire.  Gonna need a little something more than the breath in your lungs.  Props to him for sticking around and even going to a second fire extinguisher to eventually put it out though. That happens to me and I’m in a different stare by the time the fire department shows up.