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Meat Sweats With Jordie: Dominate Your Super Bowl Party This Year With These Smokafried Wings

Let's not kid ourselves here. This is currently the biggest week of the year for wings. And if you're (responsibly) having a small gathering for ~*The Big Game*~ this year, the wings can make or break that shindig. You can have some quality pizza. You can have a great spread of dips and cheeses. You can have it all but if the wings suck? Well just know that you are going to be responsible for the biggest fuck up over the course of the next 365 days. 

So obviously the wings are a massive responsibility this year. And if you're going to take that responsibility head on and make the wings yourself, well then I hope you go full send and follow these incredibly easy instructions. Because this is such a super simple cook to end up with such a kick ass product at the end. 

A little smoke. A little crisp. A little sweet. A little heat. Pretty much everything you're looking for in a chicken wing, this method has you covered. Nobody has to know how simple it was either. That can just be our little secret. So go out there and be a legend this Sunday, boys and girls.