Of Course Elon Musk Claims He Has A Monkey With A Brain Implant That Can Play Video Games With His Mind

DM - Elon Musk last night claimed he has put a Neuralink implant in a monkey's brain and that the animal can play video games 'with his mind' in a wide-ranging online question and answer session. The CEO said the monkey is 'totally happy' and the effort is part of his 'brain tech' start-up firm Neuralink which he hopes will eventually be able to help humans with brain and spinal injuries. In a Q&A on Clubhouse, a private social app, Musk claimed the implant builds a digital link between the brain and a computer, describing it as 'like a fitbit for the skull'. The billionaire inventor also claimed humans will be visiting Mars in five-and-a-half years, but admitted it would be 'very dangerous' as there 'are far more ways to die out there than there are in Earth'.

Annndddd that's that. So long, human race. We had a good run cause we all know how this story ends...

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Thanks for the doomsday via monkey uprising, Musk! And no shit the world's richest man has a chimp that has his brain wired to play Tetris. If you were to tell Elon Musk has ANYTHING cooking in his lair and I wouldn't be able to discount it. A full Dr. Octo Octavious fusion reactor that harnesses the power of the sun? Check. A time traveling Tesla that would blow the nuts off of any DeLorean Doc Brown ever created? Check. A reasoning machine on how some people at Barstool can get away with hypocrisy so easily? 

Eh, I don't think there's a machine in the known universe that can explain that one. #NotMyBarstool

Tbh, I thought Elon would claim bigger, better, more unattainable feats than a monkey on the sticks. We at Barstool Sports have an animal with a chimp-like IQ that can somewhat play video games, too, Musk:  

The Missing Link, indeed. Godspeed to this Glue Guy/Barnyard Animal on the sticks.

Playing with The Cowboy now. Ask him anything. 

PS - They should really make it into a musical after all these years and reboots. RIP Troy McClure.