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The Rams Reportedly Made a Run At Aaron Rodgers, But The Packers Told Them He's Going Absolutely Nowhere

Some tea has been spilled over this weekend's blockbuster trade between the Lions and Rams. The Rams appeared desperate to upgrade the quarterback position heading into the 2021 season and were willing to do just about anything to get a new gun slinger. Before they decided to give up a haul for Matthew Stafford it appears they gave the Packers front office a call. Now how long did this phone call last? A minute? 30 seconds? Did McVay give LaFleur a drunk call while he was in Cabo? Well it looks like the Rams were laughed at, no matter how many decades of picks LA wanted to depart from. The takeaway? Green Bay's front office was "adamant" they aren't dealing Rodgers.  

Now I assume ESPN saw that report and spun their takes around the simple fact that Green Bay picked up the phone. How dare they listen to another team! They want Rodgers out just look at them! 

Then you see what LaFleur and GM Brian Gutekunst had to say to the media this morning.  

I picture Mike Florio interpreting these quotes like the FBI interrogating Harold and Kumar's parents. 

Yeah, not sure you can be more adamant about the direction of the team than that huh? Obviously those two made it their mission to clear all of the air today and avoid any distractions moving forward. Pretty smart move if you ask me! The next step in my opinion is to restructure Aaron's deal to guarantee he stays in Green Bay for the rest of his career. As it stands now, there's an out after next season where Green Bay can move on without being fucked on a cap hit. No one wants that. The logical move, if you're going to live up to your word, is to give Aaron more guaranteed money stretched over more years. Rodgers gets his stability and backing while the Packers Super Bowl window remains open. Works for me!

P.S. This is too accurate to not post, despite all the PSTD it brings upon my soul