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Royals Bench Warmer Thinks This Series Is Over, Couldn't Be More Wrong

Dyson Tweet

Woo shots fired by Mr. Dyson! Funny, I didn’t know that bench warmers got to talk to the media, good for them. Jarrod Dyson (nice spelling Mr. and Mrs. Dyson) is a guy you most remember for when I wrote his name in the previous sentence. He has one job and that is to steal bases, so why is a guy who is 0-2 on stolen bases in the ALCS talking shit? Who knows. All I know is this Kansas City team is gonna run out on their luck soon. A team full of scrubs can’t just parade through the playoffs without losing some games. The O’s just have to wait until KC realizes they’re KC. This series is far from over. No worries Jarrod, we’ll see you back in Baltimore. O’s in 6.