Demi Lovato "Cool for the Summer" Taking You Into The Weekend


gunna take a quick break from the nsfw life here for a min. see, might be in the minority here. but ide much rather listen* to demi lovato than taylor swift or selena gomez. they cant sing*. demi can prolly sing* harder and longer than everyone else in the industry. rihanna and ldr are basically her only competition, but you know demi has a chip on her shoulder with how many people critique her singing* and def sneaks in to be better. been a long time since little t was audibly* captivated by christina aguilera in genie in a bottle. think the torch has been officially passed to demi, shes definitely can sing*.

hey demi, if this reaches you, im a little curious too.






now, as you watch this video, pretend its about ruby rose. love to be a fly on that wall.

sn – yes words with a star on them have a different meaning*