I Love Mr. Kraft's Note To Brandon Browner With His Super Bowl Ring

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Maybe I’m weird (I am) but I found that hysterical. I totally agree with the second part, I loved Browner. Probably my favorite player on the defense. Yeah he was a penalty flag magnet but he brought that “I just wanna knock someone’s fucking head off” mentality that they’d been lacking since Rodney retired. However, the first part? So funny. “I’m sorry you left us.” It’s like getting caught cheating on your girlfriend, she decides you guys have to break up, then telling her “Well I’m sorry you feel that way.” Kinda took the ball out of their hands on that one. I’m sorry you left us even though we didn’t pick up your option and didn’t make you an offer and you really had no choice but to pack your shit. Power move. Yeah it’s all due to choices I made but I’m still blaming you for this relationship ending, you’re the one who pulled the plug not me.