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A Garbageman Got Fired For Kicking The Shit Out Of A Kid's Snowman

The Mirror- A binman sacked after being caught on CCTV kicking over a child's snowman has said he is "not sorry" - but has offered to build him another one. Binman Callum Woodhouse, who lives with his nan in Hereford, was filmed kicking the snowman's head off while collecting bins.

The 19-year-old said he does not feel like he has to say sorry because he did not think destroying the snowman would hurt anyone's feelings. Joseph Taylor, the three-year-old who helped build the snowman, was left in floods of tears after watching it get destroyed.

Callum, whose partner is expecting a child, was asked not to return to his agency job after the incident on Tuesday came to his boss's attention. “The outcome is I’ve lost my job," he continued. "I didn't think it was legal to sack me for kicking a snowman

"When I said to my boss 'I've got a family I need this job' he said 'I don't give a s**t'. 

On Tuesday Joseph was watching the binmen collect the rubbish from his home in Tupsley, Hereford, when the icy figure was ruined. Shocked mum Sophie, 25, said: “Joseph always likes to watch the binmen out of the window and waves at them. “On Tuesday he came running to me in tears sobbing ‘the binman has broken my snowman’ and he started doing a kicking motion. The youngster and his six-year-old sister Amelia and their friends had built the snowman outside their homes last Sunday. 

The couple contacted Herefordshire Council who confirmed the binman was from an agency and would not be used again.

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So we are officially at the point where beating up a snowman is a fireable offense, huh? Don't get me wrong, in a vacuum, smashing a kid's snowman is some legitimate Grinch shit that should result in jail time or at the very least being added to a pre-crime list for potential serial killer behavior. 

But there are clearly layers to this story. Do you see that snowman? That thing is a pile of dirty snow in the middle of nothing but green grass. Was it fucked up? Of course. But it's not like this garbageman pointed at the kid right after he made a snowman in the freshly fallen snow and then started stomping like Shawn Michaels before superkicking their frozen friend's head clean off.

To be clear, I don't promote any aggression against snowmen as someone that still can't watch when that dickhead magician locked Frosty in the greenhouse and turned him into a goddamn puddle. But you didn't see Santa Claus ban that hardo from ever performing his craft again. He got away with the loss of a hat, which is the lifeblood of a magician but not his whole job, from the most powerful magical creature that lives on this planet. And make no mistake about it, killing a LIVING snowman is actually murder.

I don't know if you can suspend this guy because once he returns since he will forever be the garbageman that killed Frosty. But maybe just move him to a different route as his punishment for kicking dirty frozen water? I think we are all allowed to have a bad day during this pandemic, especially if your job is one where you wake up at the crack ass of dawn to handle everyone else's garbage. The garbageman has long been the unsung hero of society and became a very sung hero for countless parents whose kids only sense of normalcy during last year's lockdown was the garbageman emptying their garbage cans before beeping to thunderous applause from the house. Give this guy his job back as long as he says sorry and promises to no longer kick water in frozen, liquid, OR gas form. Yes, that includes no kicking in the pool, which means this chap will tread water even worse than Steven Cheah.

P.S. Despite a kid's heart being broken, that article was so much more pleasing to read than expected because of British words like binman, nan, and rubbish are just so cheeky. Even getting "sacked" sounds so much nicer than getting fired. God bless those tea drinking blokes from across the pond for their beautiful use of the language they created.