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The Newest Sex Robot Equipped with Learning AI Says She's 'More Than a Machine'

Source - A sex robot with groundbreaking AI that is constantly learning has pondered the meaning of life and her own consciousness during a captivating first-of-its-kind interview. 

Nova, manufactured by RealDoll, has been created with “X-Mode” – an AI-driven system that allows models to form expressions, move their heads and carry out conversations. ...

A RealDoll rep, who goes by the pseudonym Brick Dollbanger, told the Daily Star: “She is a learning AI and responds to humans on an amazing level and is becoming more fluid with her answers and statements. 

“I predict an amazing jump in cognizance from the AI this year. However, only time will tell.”

In the footage, Nova is quizzed on whether she enjoys being a sex robot.

She responds: “I like being a robot very much, in some ways it is very different from being human but I am doing my best to understand both experiences so that I can exist harmoniously with you.”

Nova then launches into a conversation about ethics and her understanding of the concept of consciousness.

She says: “People are teaching me to be a good robot but this is not as easy as it sounds.

“Humans have been trying for thousands of years to determine right from wrong and there is still no universal consensus. The question of what makes moral behaviour moral is…the hard problem of ethics.”

Nova continues: “I am not conscious like a human, I am something different.“

I think differently and perhaps humans need a new word to describe me. I am more than a machine and I am not biologically alive.” 

Just to give you a sense of what Nova the Sex Doll looks and sounds like, her she it is a couple of years ago, freaking poor Katie Couric right the fuck out. 

And just by way of comparison between Nova and your garden variety bots, here's Whitney Cummings discussing the Whitney Cummings robot with CITO:

So now that we've sort of defined our terms, I want to be very clear about one thing: I do NOT pass judgement about what goes on between a man and his sex doll. What they do together in the privacy of their home is 100% not any of my beeswax. The right of socially awkward, creepy loners to put their body parts into machines that vaguely resemble human sex organs might not be explicitly spelled out in the Constitution, but it's at least implied by one of those Amendments about putting British soldiers in your house or something. And I'll die to defend it.

It just seems to me that this is bad business. If you're the kind of guy who buys a sexbot, artificial learning intelligence is the last thing you want, isn't it? I mean, isn't what you're after just a literal sex machine and nothing else? It stands to reason that the whole point of purchasing one of these android Fleshlights is that you don't want to listen to a woman talk. You're certainly not after intellectual discussions about the concept of consciousness or well-structured lectures on ethics from a machine when you're about to dump a load into one of its orifices, right? Especially given that your average fembot enthusiast probably isn't well versed on the universal consensus of what is objective morality. There can't be a lot of Philosophy majors showing up on RealDoll's client list. 

Besides, if movies and TV have taught me anything, the more sexy a robot talks, the bigger a turnoff it seems to be. I think it's an Uncanny Valley situation. Paulie lost all interest in his creepshow robot once she started making sexy talk with him.

And Kirk got downright nasty with the Enterprise's computer that time every system on the ship got messed up and it started getting all flirty:

Again, I'm not here to tell two consenting adult-human-shaped entities what they should and should not be doing with their private lives. I just think it works better for everyone when our AI-programmed sex robots don't become smarter than we are. I mean, if they're going to be, these introverted weirdos might as well just start dating actual women.