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According To The Rules Of Twitter, Tom Izzo Is Overrated And Just An Awful Coach After MSU Scored 37(!!!) Points Against Rutgers

37 points. That's beyond disgusting. Trust me, I understand that they were coming off a Covid pause, but 37 points is 37 points. That's almost impossible to do if you're trying to play the game of basketball. But this is about the rules of Twitter. Tom Izzo stinks as a coach, those are the rules. Imagine if a Calipari-coached team scored 37 points. It'd be a field day. I'd lose my mind, I wouldn't be able to spin anything. We've made fun of Cal, K, hell even Roy for being fucking awful this year although UNC has made sure to take care of business against shitty ACC teams so far. Let's add Michigan State to the list (h/t The Athletic)

Maybe Izzo gets his hands around it, pulls this thing all the way around. If he does, it’ll be one of the greatest coaching performances of his Hall of Fame career. The 65-year-old has had teams go through brutal in-season stretches before. Not in two decades, though, has he had a team as statistically dysfunctional as this one.

He’s also never been 2-5 through seven games of Big Ten play. The 1996-97, 2001-02 and 2002-03 teams all started 3-4 in the conference. No team ever started 2-5.

Believe it or not Michigan State is ranked behind Kentucky in the KenPom. They are outside the top-60 and it's only going to get worse. This is their remaining schedule: 

Where are the wins there? Nebraska, maybe Maryland or Penn State. That's about it. They will likely be dogs in at least 6 of the games. Biggest problem is they don't have a point guard. It's about to February and Izzo is still trying to figure shit out. He's tried Rocket Watts, he's tried Foster Loyer, AJ Hoggard is getting run. Shit, even Aaron Henry has operated as the lead guard. It ain't working. It's what happens when you lose Cassius Winston and Xavier Tillman. 

Just shows how goddamn off the rails this season is going. We're looking at an NCAA Tournament without Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State and Arizona. We're looking at teams like Baylor, Alabama, Iowa and Texas top-2 seeds. Those teams aren't relevant. Shit, Texas wasn't even a top-2 seed with Kevin Durant on the roster. He's pretty damn good! This reads more like a college football playoff than anything else. Iowa isn't a relevant basketball team. Alabama isn't a relevant basketball team. They don't have success year after year. It's going to be the weirdest Tournament ever, not even a debate. 

Just remember the rules of Twitter though. A historically great coach having a bad season and can't even score 40 points while having just 1 title in a few decades? Bum.