WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is tired of Goldberg's nonsense

So the Royal Rumble is this weekend. And I'm gonna be honest with you. Whether you watch wrestling every single week, haven't watched in years or never, ever watch, the Rumble is always awesome. I watch religiously and that's why I started Rasslin'.

The Royal Rumble is just an incredible event, my favorite single card on the wrestling calendar each year.

This week, I interviewed WWE champion Drew McIntyre ahead of the Rumble, where he'll defend the title against Goldberg, who was so famous in 1998 that I tricked two good-looking women into going on a date with me in Tupelo to see him wrestle as WCW champion. Two separate girls, two separate events. Neither ever talked to me again because I look like a half-cooked baked potato, but it was still an accomplishment to get there. We ate at the Outback there in Tupelo, and it wasn't bad. Actually I took one to Logan's Roadhouse because I knew I had no chance with her. But you can eat peanuts and throw them on the floor there. So that's where we went. Actually can you still do that? I imagine Covid is getting rid of the peanut possibilities. Sonofabitch. What a time we had though. I think Goldberg wrestled Scott Hall once and Scott "Flash" Norton the other.

But it's not 1998 anymore. And Goldberg is wrestling Drew McIntyre this weekend. It's gonna be a hell of a deal.

As for the Rumble itself, I say Alexa Bliss wins the women's event, while Daniel Bryan wins on the men's side.

My full 35-minute interview with Drew is on Rasslin's YouTube channel. 

I will kiss you, hug you, high five you, insult you, whatever you, if you'll subscribe to this YouTube. I will do anything. I will push Devlin again if you want.

This interview was fun to do, because Drew is a cool ass dude. He's just a down-to-Earth badass who started as a fan like me but actually did something with his life. Namely, he had an incredibly journey to the WWE, then away for a while, then back to the WWE where he became the best WWE champion in years. Me? I'm just pumping out mediocre content and blonde-haired kids.

Also, Drew talks about his huge sword in this interview. A lot. I'm quite jealous of it.