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Barstool Employee Doogs Goes To Wall Street With A "RobinCROOK" Sign

Around 1:00 PM today, I saw Doogs writing something on a poster board. Shocked by his ability to spell, I went to see what he was writing. 


"Stealing from the poor. Funding the rich. RobinCROOKS"

He then asked me if I wanted to come to Wall Street with him after the market closed to "protest." I told him I was going to pass but wished him the best of luck as I was disgusted by what happened today. Power to the people. Go Doogs GO.

Not that I thought it wouldn't work, but due to living near Wall Street, I knew there weren't a lot of people around since COVID started. Wall Street (the actual street) has been dead for months now. There was a possibility that it would be just Doogs and people walking to the Subway.

I was wrong:

That's the way to HOLD THE LINE, Doogs. You may look like the lax bro son of a Wall Street exec, but that didn't stop you. Absolutely have to love it.

While all this was happening, a sad old man cried on CNBC due to hedge funds losing money.

Doogs went on to be interviewed by BBC and had his photo taken by 10+ professional photographers. In all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the cover of New York Post tomorrow. At the time of this blog, the video of him has over 150k views. He is the new face of the resistance while plugging $PENN. A true company man.