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Sure, Why Not? We Now Have The NCAA Tournament Committee Worrying About 'Bracket Integrity' This Year

Oh NOW we're worried about bracket integrity? Does the committee know there really hasn't been bracket integrity for years now? Why do you think bid collusion is a thing? What about those years that the conference tournament results didn't really change anything? Yep, still salty about Kentucky not getting the 3 seed over Texas A&M in 2016 despite, you know, beating them in the conference title game that same day. 

Now, they are trying to figure out what to do if say a team like Gonzaga, who is going to be a 1 seed just doesn't go to the WCC Tournament because they don't have to get the autobid. Fair, but what do you do? You can't really just say take the regular season winner. There's no 'integrity' this year with teams on pause and the unbalanced schedules within each league. Again, I still think the better idea would have been to push back the start of the NCAA Tournament a week. Give the teams time to arrive in Indy by Monday, quarantine for a week while they get Covid tests and start the following Thursday/Friday. Because what happens now if let's say Suggs has a positive test from the WCC Tournament? He's missing a majority of the NCAA Tournament. 

I honestly have no idea what to expect here. They can't really penalize a team for not going to a conference tournament besides hurting their seed. You can't reject a team winning a conference tournament. We've seen plenty of shitty teams get hot and pull off a major upset during conference tournaments. So if Gonzaga sits out and let's say Pepperdine wins the WCC, you have to bring in both. On one hand, the best way to guarantee yourself a trip to the NCAA Tournament is winning your conference tournament. 

We've already seen conferences change how they are doing conference tournaments: 

Great idea, except you can't do this with every conference. I've seen some leagues talk about just inviting the top-8 again, that only works if you play a true round-robin where every team has the same chance for the same win. Leagues like the SEC, Big 10, ACC, etc play too much an unbalanced schedule where the tournament makes sense for the auto bid. But then you have rumors of teams either completely dead in the water or clear of anything opting out. Remember it's beneficial for a conference to have multi-bids. That's where 'bid collusion' has always been joked about. 

Nothing makes sense this year and I'm sure this will just be another hurdle that makes zero sense. It's going to be a wild month in college hoops. Buckle up.