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Wake Up With Margot Robbie in a Bathtub Explaining Investment Schemes

I’ve studied stocks a little, but barely enough to understand the barest minimum basics. Though I’m still not above asking my financial planners to explain my investments in “Jerry has 10 apples and three barrels to put them in” terms.

So I’m still not at all clear on what’s going on with Wall Street Bets. But in broad strokes, it seems like regular people on the internet are tilting the game in their favor and the people we want to see pissed off are pissed off about it. I think. But when I’m confused about matters such as insider Wall Street suits manipulating the system and screwing everyone else over in the process, I go with my preferred expert: Margot Robbie explaining it from a bubble bath in “The Big Short.”

Yes, I understand she’s talking about mortgages and not Game Stop stocks. It’s the same idea. And it’s Margot Robbie in a bubble bath, so listen up and you might learn something.