Old Guy Tries To Hit An Impossible Bunker Shot And Ends Up Breaking A Rib


Not sure if the guy actually broke his rib or not but that’s what the video was titled so we’re gonna roll with it.  Old guys get injured getting out of bed in the morning so I’m gonna say he actually broke his rib and might’ve even shattered his spine because that was a legit fall.  You can’t sneeze around an old guy without a hip breaking.  Pretty sure barrel rolling down a giant sand trap is gonna do some serious damage.  As far as the shot goes, I respect the hell outta that guy for giving it a shot.  Why even try?  No way that ends well.  Impossible.  That’s one of those shots where you “accidentally” kick it into the rough and your friends look the other way.  I also respect the hell outta the guy’s friends for laughing in his face after he tumbled to the ground like a rag doll.  Oh, he just broke his rib and we’re probably gonna have to interrupt our golf game and take him to the hospital?  Let’s all just laugh instead.  Those are his real friends.  The “Are you okay? couldn’t have been less sincere and that’s the way it should be.


Then again, the real weekend hackers try to hit it from wherever the ball lands because we respect the game.