Worst Movies of the Year: the 2020 Movie Rankings (201 through 250)


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The 2020 movie season has officially wrapped, and boy was it a weird one. With a hefty grouping of over 250 movies released, we still had a solid year of releases… just without the expected blockbuster punch from the Marvel, James Bond, and Dunes of the world. While 2021 might be the most insane movie release year in recent memory, 2020 supplied a ton of great releases worth checking out. Over the next few days, I am going to show off my 2020 rankings, from worst to first, with some comments thrown in here and there.

This crop of ten movies features a couple of releases that could fall into the "disappointing" category. The most glaring one has to be 'Downhill' with Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. A remake of a fantastic 2014 comedy called 'Force Majeure', the new version is bland, flat, uninteresting, and, worst of all, just not that funny. With Nat Faxon & Jim Rash (Academy Award winners for 'The Descendants') directing and Jessee Armstrong writing ('Succession'), I expected some comedy gold, but instead, we got a movie I'll forget about by this time next year. The "big names, bad movie" concept can also be applied to 'Honest Thief' with Liam Neeson, which might be well-received by some, but I am far too tired of the below-average Liam Neeson action movie nonsense at this point. Then double it up with 'The Last Thing He Wanted' starring Anne Hathaway and Ben Affleck. This movie got fucking buried this year, which is shocking given the names attached, but nobody, including Netflix, wanted people to see this movie… and it's quite clear why after watching it.

Filled with a bunch of run-of-the-mill Netflix releases, this group of ten movies really doesn't have any standouts, but 'Wild Mountain Thyme' is worth discussing for the accents alone…

…just brutal, honestly. Directed by John Patrick Shanley, who had his hand in writing 'Doubt' and 'Moonstruck', this movie is another example of a completely wasted cast. How on earth do you make a movie this bad with Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Jon Hamm, and Christopher Walken in tow? Even excusing the accents, the story is wooden and nothing about the characters is remotely interesting enough to grab your attention.

There are some awful, awful movies in the above graphic. 'The Stand In' is a movie that I think more people need to be made aware of from the wider crop of 2020 movies. I commend Drew Barrymore's effort, as the two-role job in a movie can't be easy, but it really gave off 'Jack & Jill' vibes at times. The movie that bothers me most out of these ten movies is for sure 'Superintelligence' from HBO Max, though. Seeing Melissa McCarthy, an actress who can turn in dynamite performances (ie: 'Can You Ever Forgive Me') in a comedy this bad is just disappointing. A lot of the movie has a "how do you do fellow kids?" feel with its use of technology, the jokes are ham-fisted, the story is sloppy, and, while I love him, James Corden can be heard during the entire movie. Comedies such as this one are unfortunately no longer few and far between, but they certainly remain terrible.

The worst-rated movie on this list is 'Monster Hunter', which is the definition of schlock in the absolute worst way possible. There is certainly an audience for this movie, and I am obviously not bracketed into that group, but I thought it was largely terrible. A big stinker of a movie wrapped in a shiny bow, and for me, I always find the glossier, expensive movies more unlikeable when it comes to dumb action. But when it comes to my least-favorite movie out of this group, I am staring right into the eyes of 'The Binge' from Hulu. Marketed as a drinking version of 'The Purge', it's a cringeworthy comedy that put me in a pretzel right from the start of the movie. There's nothing worse for me than a comedy movie about teenagers or kids in their twenties, that sounds like it was written by someone over-the-hill. I am all for these absurd, over-the-top party movies. Even something such as 'Project X' that I didn't find all that great had some intrigue, but with 'The Binge', you just don't get any of that.

Ah, the Bottom 10 Movies of 2020, a list that is as bad as ever, honestly. There are a few movies on this list that made me say, "what a pile of shit, no way I see a worse movie this year," only for me to watch something worse weeks later. This remained true until I finally sat down and watched 'The Wrong Missy' on Netflix. I am not exaggerating when I say it was both one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life, and also one of the most annoying movies. Actually, I'll say it right here, 'The Wrong Missy' is the most annoying, loud, obnoxious movie I have ever watched in my life. This is the bad side of Happy Madison, where it feels as though the cast and crew got a free vacation wrapped up as a comedy movie. It's as stupid as humanly possible, devoid of any humor, and flat out fucking terrible. Watching this movie (I got some shit for this rating, by the way, I do know some people enjoyed it) is the same as some standing five inches from your face screaming into your ears for ninety consecutive minutes. Fuck this movie, it was the worst movie I saw in 2020… until I saw 'Bobbleheads: The Movie'.

I am still personally offended that they made this movie.

It's a low-effort, out-of-touch money grab that is a skidmark on Netflix's diaper. The only reason I won't call it cheap is that the studio managed to somehow pay Cher to be in the movie? It's a confusing thing to read, I know. This movie taking up any real-estate on Netflix is actually disgusting. With zero redeeming qualities whatsoever, I have this as the second-worst movie I have ever seen in my life (ranked 4422 out of 4423) behind only 'Jack & Jill'.

Even though I mentioned the two worst movies already, there is one that I am required to touch on…

Let me say this: 'Money Plane' fucking sucks. It's a bad movie. Maybe that was the intention, and if so, I am an idiot. You could play this movie off as satire, but I think there is a small bit of seriousness thrown in there somewhere. While I just can't give this movie a high rating, it is worth a watch. Every now and then one of the worst movies of the years is a fun experience, this year 'Money Plane' falls right into that category.

That's all for today, I'll be back tomorrow with another 50 movies.

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