This Guy Showed This Bus What The Fuck Is Up





Winter Haven FloridaA Winter Haven Transit customer on Saturday got upset at an extra $2 fare so he head-butted the bus, knocked himself out for a few minutes, then ran away. About 11:35 a.m. Saturday, the man left a bus at the terminal at 555 Ave. E. N.W. But, he wanted to travel to a new destination. The driver told him he would have to pay another $2, and he got mad. The driver left the bus and went inside the terminal. The passenger sat on a bench, then walked away. But about four minutes later, he returns and head-butts the glass doors on the bus, shattering the glass.





It’s not often that the guy who takes a running start to headbutt a bus is the sane, reasonable party, but that’s exactly what happened here. The dude stepped off the bus for a second, realized he wasn’t where he wanted to be then tried to get back on and you try and charge him again? Get the fuck out of here. That’s insanity. Look when you’re a bus driver you need to know who you’re dealing with: the craziest of the crazy. It’s either poor people with nothing to lose or drunks who can’t get themselves to work anymore, usually both. So don’t be a fucking hero. Don’t ridiculously demand the $2 payment even if that is protocol. I don’t care if someone’s walking on the bus for the first time, if they walk by then they walk by. It’s like being a bank security guard, no need to risk your life for some shitty minimum wage job. It ain’t you that’s losing money. Some psycho wants to take it? Here ya go bud.