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We Need To Finally Admit Victoria From The Bachelor Is A Planted Paid Actress

Victoria isn't a real person. We all need to admit it. She is paid actress, and her job is to cause problems for everyone. She's been so blatantly awful, and somehow is STILL INVITED ON GMA...but continues not to have a single clue as to what people think of her.

While speaking with “Good Morning America,” Larson revealed that her words were never meant to harm anyone.

“They knew me and knew my heart and knew that I really never had ill intent. So I think they hit differently, just because they know me,” Larson explained.

She came in calling herself "Queen." She later ripped a different crown off of another girl and put it on her own head, letting her know that she was the only one. She continuously bullies (calls the other girls sluts and whores, not in a fun joke way, the actual shame way) she harasses Matt and forces him to kiss her on the lips every time she's around. She's got a STYE on her eye that's so fucking gross its hard to look at, and she just stomps around and basically screams nonsense into the camera 24/7. And she still thinks people are going to like her??? This is a show for LOVE, sweetie. Get your trash ass to The Real World or any of the Shot, Rock or Flavor variations of love games.

Check out last night's Cutting Stems, the return of TRENT and all of our bitching. It was great to get everyone back on the set this week.