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Behind The Scenes Of John Cena Granting Another Make-A-Wish Is A+ Stuff


John Cena. Mundane, boring wrestling character. A+ human being. I did a blog not too long ago explaining why John Cena is booed relentlessly despite all the great things he does, and this is a prime example. All he does outside of the ring is work hard and grant sick children awesome Make-A-Wishes. I was at that Raw in DC a few weeks ago when Cena brought KJ into the ring. The crowd went wild. KJ probably still hasn’t stopped smiling. It was like “god dammit, I’m trying to boo you, can you stop being such an awesome, likable guy for a minute?” But then the cameras turn back on and you remember Cena still sucks (as a wrestling character).

(Now for some quick wrestling talk after Monday night on Raw)

If Rollins and Cena are really feuding now someone needs to be fired. Everyone needs to be fired. They need to take control out of Vince’s hands. When Cena’s music hit and he did his same old “rah rah, USA, I’m a man!” promo for the 5,000th time it was so deflating.

People ask me why I come down so hard on Vince, and the answer is everything has to go through him before getting on TV. He is the ultimate decision maker for every single thing in WWE. He is the reason the WWE hasn’t built a new star in 10 years. He is why when Daniel Bryan was making it into the mainstream he tried to hold him back. He’s why every up and comer gets fed to Cena and then toils away. Instead of building for the future, the WWE puts on their blinders and just throws Cena into the mix. It’s why they are using part timers like Brock Lesnar to headline the major PPVs like Mania and SummerSlam. Kevin Owens should have been the next big heel in WWE and they are trying to bury him. He’s going to be just another guy now. Lost his feud to Cena, just like Bray Wyatt did, just like Rusev did, and just like Rollins will.