How Painful Is A Portuguese Man O' War Sting? Time To Find Out

Every Tuesday, there are new Barstool Outdoors "How-To" videos coming out.  Everything from simpler stuff like how to tie knots or clean a shotgun, to more involved ones like how to treat Man O War stings or how to Skin a Python.  Just something interesting to learn about the Outdoors every week.

The Portuguese Man O War is a creature that strikes fear into anyone who has gone on vacation and planned to swim in tropical waters.  No, not like a Shark or Barracuda scares people, but like something that is going to leave your entire body in pain and probably covered in piss.  The old adage is that you are supposed to "urinate on the sting" to ease the pain.  Sometimes I sit back and think, how many people have been pissed on over the years?  The number is probably in the hundreds of thousands, and in the millions if you're counting R. Kelly.  As a person who likes to "see for themselves" in way that normally put myself in pain, I set out to feel this sensation for myself. 

If you think you've seen enough Jellyfish in your life to know all about these things, you are already stinking idiot - they're not even jellyfish!  They are Siphonophores which are not one animal, but rather thousands of tiny clones that all work together as one.  Now that you are HOOKED on Man O' War content, check out these videos and learn more.  They are cool as shit and you might actually see one on vacation and look like the second coming of Bill Nye amongst your drunk friends.