Finally... The QB We've All Been Waiting for to Sue the NFL Has Filed His Lawsuit


Cowboys – Tony Romo was mighty unhappy in June when the NFL axed the Dallas Cowboys QB’s fantasy football event in Las Vegas weeks before kick-off. And now, it’s the subject of a lawsuit filed in Dallas County on Monday: The Fan Expo v. National Football League.  The Fan Expo, consisting of Romo and “a Dallas entrepreneur and a team of fantasy football experts,” per the lawsuit, wants more than $1,000,000 from the league after it canceled the three-day National Fantasy Football Convention scheduled to take place in July at a convention center attached to the Venetian in Vegas. Pettit confirms to The Dallas Morning News this afternoon that Romo is “part-owner” in The Fan Expo.

The league claimed it canceled the event because of its location. Then, and now, Romo wasn’t buying it: “It’s like when you’re in high school and you don’t get invited to the party, it makes you feel bad,” Romo said last month. “If they really wanted to just be a part of it, all they had to do was call and ask. It would have been a lot easier than going about the process the way they did.” According to the lawsuit the event was scheduled to feature about 100 pro ballers, among them Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham Jr., Rob Gronkowski, Julio Jones, DeMarco Murray, Alshon Jeffery and other household names. And initially, the suit says, the league was on board and even involved. 

The suit says this wasn’t about gambling, since “no gambling would take place at the event [and] children were allowed and encouraged to attend the event.” Instead, says the suit, the league wanted to shut down something in which it didn’t have a stake, simple as that. Brian McCarthy, Vice President of Corporate Communications for the NFL, says the league “is not aware of the lawsuit.”




It’s been months of waiting but it’s finally here. It took 100’s of pages of legal documents. It took delicate and thorough investigation. We saw clear cut and obvious bullying by NFL officials. But now the day has finally come. Goodell can’t hide in his ivory tower and trample on the dreams of NFL QBs anymore. Time for justice to be served. Time for Tony Romo to get his man. Oh what’s that? The thumbnail preview for this blog showed Brady somehow? That’s weird. Stupid site. Probably caused like 3 grammar errors in here as well.

All Deflategate jokes aside, what a classic No Fun League move to bully players into cancelling a fantasy football event just because they weren’t invited. You’d think Goodell could just send an email with some youtube links to sad songs and maybe pepper in some passive aggressive wordplay to secure an invite. I’d bet Romo would have gotten the message then:




Hey Tony,

It’s Big Rog. Thought you might like to listen to some these tunes on your fantasy football trip with all the other NFL players this weekend.

Just some cool music that I thought you’d like if you were thinking about me or whatever. I’m not doing anything that day by the way. I know, I know. SUSPEND your disbelief. I’m sure that if I’m bored this weekend all of you guys will be FINE though ;). Anywho, have a fun weekend!





P.S. I’m taking 3 draft picks and switching out Jerry’s Viagra with his muscle relaxers if I don’t get an invite email in the next 5 minutes