Taylor Swift And Nicki Minaj Got In The Weirdest Twitter "Feud"


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This fight put me in a difficult position, as Taylor is my future wife but Nicki is the girl I want to fuck the most in the world. It was basically like choosing sides in a fight between your girlfriend and your side chick, there’s really no winning for you. However, Nicki’s argument was so nonsensical I have to call this one for T. I mean Nicki started with “you have to be a skinny girl” and Taylor was like “hey why are you talking about me, since I’m the only skinny girl nominated” and Nicki goes off about her getting involved. So then it becomes about race and the internet is like, “Um, Beyonce, Kendrick, and Bruno Mars got nominated soooooo.” Finally Nicki makes it about Tidal vs. Spotify. Hey Nick, we all made fun of you guys about Tidal because you were doubling the price of music and thinking people would pay it just because you were famous. It wasn’t a race thing, Jason Aldean and Jack White were part of the Tidal launch and they’re like two of the whitest people alive, it was a “who the fuck do these millionaires think they are?” thing.



So that has to go to Taylor. If your argument goes from “It’s because of my body type!” to “It’s white media!” to “BUY TIDAL!!!!” then you have to take a loss. And I loved the Anaconda video, probably the only fully clothed vid I thought about jerking off to since Dirrrty. But you lost this war big time. Go on stage when T wins and stand behind her like a good mistress would do for her man.