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The Trailer For The Second Season Of Fargo Is Here And It Looks Awesome



Hell yes!  Awesome trailer.  No other way to put it.  And did I see Ron Swanson?  Pretty sure I did.  Really a star studded cast for season 2.  If you didn’t watch the first season of Fargo then you need to drop whatever you’re doing right now and watch it.  It’s that good.  Binge watch the hell out of it.  It’s the perfect show to binge watch.  Sneaky one of the best shows that came out last year.  Dark, gritty, violent, well written and surprisingly really funny at times.  I was as shocked as anyone as to how great it was and now they’re back for a second season.  It’s an anthology so this time around it’s a different story and different characters but still set in Minnesota.  It’s no secret that the second run at True Detective has let just about everybody down. That’s just the truth.  Anybody saying differently is saying that it’s unfair to compare season 1 to season 2 when it’s not unfair.  That’s what happens when something shares the same name with something.  They’re gonna get compared no matted what.  I expect the opposite to happen for the second season of Fargo.  Not sure why but I feel it deep in my plums.  That first trailer did nothing to make me think the opposite.  Sucks that it doesn’t come out until October but I can wait.  It’s gonna be great.