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Jerry Seinfeld Is Trending In The United States For That Time He Was An Insufferable Dick To Larry King

First of all, rest in peace to Larry King. Coley wrote a blog on him earlier today that I strongly suggest checking out if you want to learn more about who he is and what he did, although I hope you don't have to. I hope that everyone reading this right now knows not just about the impact Larry had on journalism, but the one he had on media as a whole. The man was a legend in every sense of the word, which is why when he passed this morning people on the internet began sharing their memories. This clip of Seinfeld being a dick in 2007 was shared so many times it started to trend...

The video:

I've never been a fan of Jerry and I'm sure if he sees this video he'll try and play it off a joke, but he was 100% serious. He was so offended by Larry even suggesting he was canceled, that he launched into a  cringeworthy 'do you know who I am?' tirade. To Jerry's credit he should have, but it was still tough to watch. It also made for some fantastic television. The rest of the interview was super awkward, but I loved every minute of it. Larry spoke about what happened years later and blamed himself for not knowing more about Seinfeld, but everyone knows it was Jerry's fault. That reaction was uncalled for and it exposed him as the egomaniac he is. Oh well. RIP to Larry King. Gone but not forgotten.