Mark Hubbard Just Pulled One Of The Most Preposterous Moves You'll Ever See On A Golf Course

I almost put 'And I Think I Love It' at the end of that blog title but then he missed the putt. If he had made the putt I would've been ALL IN on Mark Hubbard's pinkie putting grip but he didn't. He missed. Mark pulled out the pinkie, shook his ass a little bit for the people watching at home, placed the pinkie on the putter.........and missed. Sad. Remember those beer commercials where the tag line was 'It's Only Weird If It Doesn't Work'? Well the same thing applies on the golf course. It doesn't matter how weird someone's set up is or their swing or their grip or whatever it may be, if it works then it's all good. But it has to work and Mark Hubbard's pinkie putting grip didn't work and for that reason I'm out (until the next time he tries it again and makes the putt then I'm all the way back in). I appreciate the effort though.

For some reason the first thing that came to mind when Mark pulled out the pinkie was this wrestling video where the guy uses his dick to beat up his opponent 

Incredible clip. Imagine if every time Mark Hubbard had a big putt he brought out the pinkie grip and it was automatic? That would be awesome.