Hank Aaron May Have Actually Hit More Official Home Runs Than Barry Bonds

This is a fascinating thread. I'd encourage everybody to go read the whole thing to get the full scope of what we're talking about here, but here are the highlights:

Basically, with (some) Negro League stats now being counted as part of MLB stats, it's likely there are at least eight home runs from Hank Aaron's 1952 season with the Indianapolis Clowns — we just have to find them. And based on the news Ted Genoways was able to find, we have everything short of cold, hard proof that they do exist.

Unfortunately, even if someone was able to find more substantial evidence of these home runs, MLB is currently only counting statistics from 1937-1948. So there would have to be an amendment made to the time period, as well. But the bottom line is that we now have precedent to be able to count home runs which would restore Aaron's place in the record books as the Home Run King. Everyone with common sense knows he is anyway, but it would be so nice for him to officially re-claim that title.

It honestly makes me really sad that apparently one of the final wishes of this legend's life was for someone to prove he hit those home runs to put him back atop the record books. I can't even imagine living the life Aaron did on and off the field, going through what he went through en route to breaking the most illustrious record in American sports and dying in second place behind someone who cheated. It's just not right.

It's a shame this couldn't have happened while Aaron was alive, but it would be amazing if we could somehow track down those eight elusive homers and give the most important record in baseball back to its rightful owner. Rest in peace to an American icon.